Aleyant Pressero v5.4.9 W2P Solution Released!

The latest version of the Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print software was released this week. These are some of the new features we think you’ll be most excited about!

Sort Locations by Location Code

  • When there are a large number of locations, scrolling through a long list to find a single location can take time. So we have made an easier way! There is now an option to have the site’s location list sorted alpha numerically, by Location Code.
web-to-print software

Locations by Locations Code – Admin > Preferences > Locations

Site Level Global Password

  • We have extended the capabilities of the recently added User Impersonation feature that gave you the ability to set an ACCOUNT level universal password. With this update you can now set a SITE level password as well so that each storefront can have its own unique password credentials. To read more about the User Impersonation feature, click here.
w2p feature, software solutions
Universal Login Page Checkbox – Admin > Site > Settings > Site Basics

Upload of Address Book Entries

  • There is a new capability to simply import address books for site users. For B2B sites, if the Address Book Mode is set to ‘Address Book’ or ‘Both’ it will enable this option for you under Admin > Sites> Site Users.
w2p New Feature

Import Address Books – Admin > Sites > Site Users

Contact our Support Department if you have questions regarding theses new features! Stay tuned for upcoming posts about additional new features!

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Aleyant Systems Expands to Latin America

Our President, Greg Salzman, had the honor to sit down with Cary Sherburne, the Senior Editor from WhatTheyThink which is the market intelligence for Printing and Publishing. He shared details on how the Aleyant Systems suite of solutions is being used in the emerging web-to-print market in Latin America

With the Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print solution (localized to support Spanish and Portuguese), print service providers in Central and South America are able to offer their customers payment and shipping options geared to the unique needs of their country.

Watch the whole video here!

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New Capabilities Added to Aleyant Pressero W2P Solution

Version 5.4.8 of the Aleyant Pressero™   Web-to-Print system is live and includes some new features!

Sell Multiple Items as a Single “Kit”

This powerful capability is now available to all plans! Let’s say an office often needs to order pre-printed envelopes, pre-printed letterhead and notepads for new employees. Previously, they would add these products individually to the shopping cart, requiring multiple clicks. Now with our new time-saving Kitting feature, you are able to group these items into a “New Employee Stationery Kit”. This enables your customer to order all these items as a single product, saving time, saving clicks. Bonus! For inventory fulfillment situations, the system will track individual inventory levels for each item in the kit.

Under Admin > Site > Products you will see a drop down for ‘Kit Role’.

Web-to-Print Kitting Tool

A kit is a group of products that can be ordered together at one time

You will select the role that the product plays within the store. If “This Product is a Kit” is selected a new tab called Kitting will appear.

Web-to-Print, Software Solution

Admin > Site > Products > Kitting Tab

This tab is used to assign other products to the kit. For more details, see our support page. Thanks to all the Aleyant clients who suggested this helpful feature.

Item Specific Email for Multi-Item Orders

For Professional and Enterprise plans, a new email notification is now available. This e-mail provides the option of sending a Order Item Complete email when the status of an individual item in a multiple item order is set to “Completed”. For example, an order contains banners and brochures. When the banners are set to “Completed”, an order status update just for that item will be sent to your client. When the brochures are completed, a separate email is sent for that item. In the admin area you can assign the necessary groups to receive this email, as well as make edits to the email if desired.

Web-to-Print Email Notification

Admin > Sites > Select Site > Email Notification >

Other Released Features

  • PayU payment method: this payment method, PayU, is valid for seven countries in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Brasil, Chile, Peru and Argentina)
  • Website option for Profile Field Option: We’ve added “website” as a new prompt in the new account setup form in Pressero. This information can also be used in an eDocBuilder template using the Profile Field option in the Data Capture tab. This way if a customer has completed the website informatoin for their user account, it can be prefilled in an eDoc template.

Our developers are always hard at work bringing great new features to both Aleyant eDocBuilder™ and the Pressero web-to-print storefront solution. Make sure to stay tuned to our blog and hear about all the latest features as they are released!

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Aleyant Hosts Congressman Peter Roskam

Peter Roskam

Congressman Peter Roskam

Last May I wrote a blog post about the Washington DC “Fly-In” that NPES and PIA host.  You can read that article by clicking here.  In that article I mentioned that I invited Congressman Peter Roskam, the US House Representative for the district that Aleyant’s office is in, to come visit us and learn about what is important to our industry.  I am very pleased to report that Congressman Roskam graciously accepted this offer and spent an hour with us on August 22.

While giving the Congressman some background on Aleyant, I was pleased to learn that he is well aware of Web-to-Print.  Mr. Roskam’s wife, Elizabeth, is a talented artist.  They were able to order some prints from a local printing company using its Web-to-Print site.  He remarked that it was a very easy process that worked quite well.

We covered a few areas of concern, but I felt that the issue I could address most effectively is that of patent reform.  Unfortunately patent trolls are becoming increasingly aggressive and even going after printing companies for using standard technologies like preflight, inventory control, and Web-to-Print.  Rather than throwing statistics at Congressman Roskam, I shared some stories that highlighted how patent trolls have impacted our customers and are, as a result, impacting technology providers like Aleyant.

Overall the Congressman seemed very engaged and interested in hearing our perspective.  He remarked that as patent reform issues are discussed in Washington, he will be able share our story, and turn a theoretical discussion into something more practical.  I really enjoyed our time with Mr. Roskam and appreciated his open, thoughtful approach.

A Call to Action for Business Owners

I am increasingly convinced that it’s important for business owners to engage their political leaders.  Legislation in Washington DC has a very large impact on the success of our businesses.  I also learned that the cost of political involvement doesn’t need to be high:

  • You have a story to tell.  As I was preparing for the Congressman’s visit, I started to look through various legislative activity surrounding patent reform.  I quickly became overwhelmed with the sheer volume and complexity of this issue.  To truly grasp it all would be a full time job, and then some.  Fortunately our political leaders have access to a lot of data about any issue, staff who are well informed, and access to resources such as think tanks and lobbyists.  While I could never provide this type of information to Congressman Roskam, I could share my story.  He confirmed this approach in his remarks to us.  I sense that he will remember us, that what we shared may influence the discussions he has in Washington when the topic of patent reform comes up.  Every business has a story to tell, and I encourage you to share yours with your elected officials.
  • Scheduling a meeting was surprisingly easy!  A week after visiting Congressman Roskam’s office, I sent a follow up email.  A few weeks later, one of his representatives came to my office.  We had a pleasant conversation, and I reiterated my invitation.  A month after that, I got an email from someone else to schedule a date.  A month later, the Congressman was sitting at our conference table, wanting to learn more.
    Peter Roskam has over 700,000 people in his district.  He’s on the very influential Ways and Means Committee. The Congressman is a prominent leader in congress who has served as the Chief Deputy Whip for the House Republicans.  The fact that he would take time from his busy schedule to meet with a relatively small company certainly speaks highly of his integrity when it comes to fulfilling his duties as a Congressman.  So I would encourage you to ask for face time with your officials… you might get surprised with a “yes”.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, belonging to an industry trade association like NPES or PIA is extremely helpful.  I know the leaders of these organizations are already planning for an event next June in Washington DC.  I encourage you to keep an eye out for an announcement from them so you can plan on attending.

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Aleyant Systems Opens European Office

Acquisition of Assets from Reseller Datafont to accelerate channel development in Southern Europe/ Latin America

Aleyant Systems, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices, announced that it has opened an office in Europe and acquired certain assets from Spanish reseller Datafont to provide improved sales and support in Southern Europe and Latin America as well as to further build its reseller network. Datafont is a specialist in providing variable data printing and web-to-print solutions to the graphic arts marketplace.

Read the whole press release here!

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