New Web2Print Features: Package Dimensions, Cart Summaries, Tucanna tFlow, Fuji XMF, SEO Analytics and More

We recently rolled out some new enhancements for the shopping cart system the Aleyant Pressero™ web to print system. Here are the highlights:

Save Money with UPS and FedEx Package Dimensions

Both UPS and FedEx have announced that in 2015 they will increase pricing on packages that do not have their dimensions (length, width, and height) specified. To help you keep your shipping costs as low as possible, Pressero now enables you to enter the package dimensions when setting up the shipping method. These settings are optional, but you will get the best pricing by providing the length, width, and height.

Shipping Package Dimensions

Convenient “Hover” for Cart Summaries

We introduced a suite of responsive design skins over the summer to address the growing use of phone and tablets by print buyers, as well as laptops and desktops.  We have now added a new feature to the responsive skins: a cart summary that will appear when hovering or holding (touch) on the cart icon.  This capability will be popular with your customers, enabling them to quickly and easily get a quick view of their cart contents without needing to go to the actual cart page.  This advanced feature is exclusive to the responsive skins, and is not supported on our older, legacy skins. The future of Web2Print is mobile, and we are bringing it to our customers today.

Cart Summary


Flexible Pricing Engine Overrides on Kit Components

Building on the kitting capabilities released in September, we have added the ability to override the pricing engine used on a product when it is a kit component. This will provide the flexibility to use different pricing when a kit is involved. Based on our customer feedback, we know this will be a welcome upgrade to kitting. To override the product’s default pricing engine, simply select a new pricing engine from the drop down list when editing or adding a product as a kit component.  Or keep the override at default, the pricing engine already assigned to the product will be utilized just as before.

tFlow Preflight & Approval support for Width and Height

As part of the Aleyant’s web-to-print automation initiative, Pressero can automatically hand off orders and files to the Tucanna tFlow Approval™ system via the Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI).  AWI now supports two additional attributes that can be defined at the product or pricing calculator level: width and height of the product. tFlow can use these to determine if the customer’s file matches preset size criteria for a product such as a banner. Prepress operators will no longer need to manually open a file submitted via the storefront to determine if the banner is the correct size, saving valuable time.

Fuji XMF Integration Enhancements for Job Priority and Customer ID

Pressero’s embrace of the XML open architecture approach to workflow enables it to automatically hand off orders and files to the Fuji XMF Workflow System™ via the Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI).  We added a new attribute named “Fuji_JobPriority” that can be set at the product or pricing calculator level.  This attribute can accept a number to indicate to the XMF system the priority level of the job.

We’ve also added the ability to set a customer ID that will be passed to XMF.  You can set this customer ID in the “Integration ID” field when editing a site user.

cXML Punchout Enhancement for Mutiple User IDs

Used with a print buyer’s procurement system, Pressero’s advanced e-commerce cXML punchout capability for printshops has been updated and now supports multiple user identities.  A default identity can be defined, in case your customer’s punchout message requests a user identity that does not exist.

Auto-Generation of External Asset Thumbnail Images

Pressero already enables you to upload a thumbnail image to represent an asset file that resides on an external server.  The asset may be used with Aleyant eDocBuilder™ variable data templates, or otherwise. You may now have Pressero attempt to auto-generate a thumbnail image of the asset file, saving you time.  Check the box when adding or editing an external asset:External W2P Asset Thumbnail Generation

Google Universal Analytics Support

You may have read that Google is switching its analytics program to “Universal Analytics”.  Pressero web-to-print SEO capabilities now supports this. Our testing confirms that it is compatible with this new Google standard.

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Aleyant Systems Shares Details on their Development of a Print Job Management Solution

Aleyant’s President, Greg Salzman, sat down with Cary Sherburne, the Senior Editor from WhatTheyThink during Graph Expo 2014. Greg shared details on an entry level cloud-based print job management solution Aleyant Systems is developing. The stand-alone solution will not require Pressero, but will tie into it like MIS software.

Uniquely, its mobile-first approach will enable it to run on a smartphone (tablets, laptops, desktops too). Imagine making a sales call and being able to do instant custom quotes, enter jobs, and more—all from your phone while in your customer’s or prospect’s office.  Yes, print job management is going mobile and will be a great complement to your Web-to-Print front end.

Web-to-print and VDP Software Solutions

Graph Expo 2014

Watch the video here!

Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print solution and Aleyant eDocBuilder™ variable data and online template design software are also discussed in the interview.

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Aleyant eDocBuilder Update: Enhanced Color Palettes

We rolled out a new version of Aleyant eDocBuilder™, our online design and variable data publishing system. The color palette feature has been updated with some enhancements that we think you’ll be most excited about.

Color Palettes

Color Palettes is for creating multiple custom palettes that you can selectively assign to text fields or background colors in templates. This enables a user to choose from a predefined range of colors you make available to them depending on your printing process. This insures consistent design results.

Variable data publishing system, color palette

eDocBuilder – Color Palette Tab

Color Palette Improvements: Admin

The newly updated Color Palette feature has a new interface that is more user friendly:

  • Color Sorting: Drag and drop the order of colors
  • Expand palette box
  • Delete selected colors at the same time
  • Hovering over a color in the color palette will display the color name to the end user.

Our developers are always hard at work bringing great new features to both eDocBuilder and the Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print solution. Make sure to stay tuned to our blog to hear about all the latest features as they are released!

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Aleyant Pressero v5.5.0 W2P Software Released!

An update of Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print software has been released. Below are some of the new features that are included:

Aleyant News

Stay up to date with news on Aleyant Systems. After logging into your Pressero account, the news page will be showcased once a week.  Read about new web-to-print updates, case studies, and much more!

w2p updates, software news

Admin > Main > News


Cart Redirection Control

Pressero gives you the ability to decide where the customer is redirected after adding a product to the shopping cart.

W2P admin control

Admin > Sites > [Site Name] > Settings > General Info tab in the Shopping Cart section

Redirect Options

  • Shopping Cart: This page will be the default action.
  • Product Detail Page: Redirects back to the product page.
  • Category Page: Redirects to the category that the product belongs to.
  • Site Default Page: Redirects to the default page as defined in site settings.
  • Root Category Page: Redirects back to the /category page.


Custom eDocBuilder Button Text

We have created the option to override the button on a storefront product detail page that is used to customize the Aleyant eDocBuilder™ template. For example, instead of “Customize Order” you could use “Personalize Your Brochure”.


Admin > Site > Products > eDocBuilder


Contact our Support Department if you have questions regarding theses new features! Stay tuned for upcoming posts about additional new features!

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Aleyant Systems Is Developing A Print Job Management Solution!

Up and running quickly: a revolutionary approach to Print Job Management

Aleyant Systems, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices, today announced that it is developing a new print job management solution. Aleyant Print Job Manager, an entry level cloud-based print job management solution, will be shown as a technology demonstration at Graph Expo, scheduled for September 28 through October 1 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Aleyant will be located in Booth #539 at the show.

“We are strong believers in the importance of a print business having a print job management system in place that can streamline operations and deliver real-time business and production data” , President of Aleyant Systems, Greg Salzman

To read the whole article click here! 

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